3 Vereisten voordat u begint met Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is evolving at this stage. But the question is where to start, there are aspects that many mobile app developers realize in the later stage of development. Things like screen resolution or a few small details that you should know before the start of the development process.


However, the beginning of the app development process is one of the biggest challenges of the mobile app development and the process should have a roadmap so you do not miss any issues that need to be thoroughly tested. Here are a few things you should know before the process of the mobile app development starts of mobile development experts.

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Getting Started with Mobile App Development

1. Selection of the Platform

Before you start testing, you need to study the chosen development platform and understand, such as iOS or Android platform. Only then can a mobile app developer testing aspects of the platform as required. Both platforms have their own requirements and run on several criteria. This you should understand if you are going to build a native mobile app or hybrid app. The popular platforms that are to be chosen in general:


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile
  • PhoneGap
  • SenchaTouch
  • Version of the Platform


Each platform comes with the new version of their platform to provide new or enhanced features to their users. You need to know which version you're targeting. For example, if you are targeting iOS 9, then it is possible that your app does not work for users of iOS 8. So considering the platform version is an important part of the mobile app development process . It must go in combination with the number of users in the market, while taking account of the latest version. So the solution offer the works for the long term.

2. Compliance with the Hardware Requirements


If you develop a mobile app that requires some special hardware requirements, you should consider them. For example, create a mobile app for selfie camera with a specific configuration, in which case it is possible that your mobile app will not work with other cameras or phones without cameras. : P Though we recommend to prevent the installation of unsupported devices programmatically where possible.

3. Selection of screen size and resolution

There are so many mobile devices on the market, with the screen size varies from device to device. And this is why his mobile friendly so stressed these days. So focus on this is important in the case of mobile apps, for the purpose of having a mobile app is able to reach out to the audience on mobile platforms.

The screen resolution is based on many factors and so you must ensure that your mobile app is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes. Examine the various devices and the most preferred or trending screen sizes and test your mobile app later on the same.

Different Screen Resolutions are listed below:


  • 320 x 480 px
  • 640 x 960 px
  • 480 X 800 px
  • 720 X 1280 px
  • 1200 X 1920 px
  • 2048 X 1536 px


Once you have decided on the factors mentioned above, you can go ahead and start using your mobile app development process. Have fun developing!

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